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Road Map (Metavgalaxy)


Q1 (2022)

Launch Website

Launch Beta Metavgalaxy Platform

First Sale Milkyway NFTs

Start NFT Staking

Roadmap & Whitepaper

GitHub & Audits

First MVGT claim

MVG Presale

Q2 (2022)

Launch releases METAVGALAXY Platform.

Start Staking MVG tokens

Promotional marketing

CoinMarketCap Listing

Launch the Alpha Metavgalaxy Platform

Listing on DEXs and CEXs

Q3 (2022)

Launch other Galaxy platforms

Launch NFT Market


Test Wallet Application

Development of mobile app that supports all the features

Q4 (2022)

Launch the NFT Game (Play to Earn)

Marketing for NFT Game

Open to Partnerships

Colonise with Building System(buildings,fences)

Virtual Reality(VR)